bye bye bink!

yep, that's right!! the binks are all gone here at the stejskal house....and have been for over a month! i just didn't want to jinx it by saying or writing a word about it! after all of the times and effort we put into getting rid of them with kate (and she may or may not have been TOTALLY stealing and stashing them to use at night!), i decided we would just make them all disappear. no trading, no giving them to other babies, no buying new things at the store for them (have i mentioned how many times kate got "rid" of them!). vic and i just quietly went around the house, gathered them up, and threw them all away! and guess what...will was completely fine with it! he never asked for them. the first two days i could tell he was a little thrown off when it was nap time, but he fussed for maybe 5 minutes and then went to sleep without them. he has found a couple of stray binkis and come to show me with a big smile on his face...so i tell him, "binks are for babies! throw that away!" and he thinks that getting to chuck it into the garage towards the garage can is really funny and is happy to do it!

so there you go...zero effort on my part and they are gone!!

just another reason why i may or may not have a favorite child around here ;)


will...he likes to sleep

i noticed will's light was on after we had put him down for the night....i quietly tried to open the door, but something was in the way! after realizing it was will; i slipped into his room, took several pictures, went down to get vic, laughed with vic about our dorky son, and then picked him up and put him into his bed...
and he stayed asleep the whole time!


taking a little exercise

one of my favorite things that little miss kate says is, 
"mom, i really need to take some exercise,"
this day she decided she wanted to work out with jillian michaels....
and can i just say how much i LOVE her outfit! boots, purple panties (of course purple!), and her long sleeved shirt that she kept pushing up ;)
will had to get in on the action too...probably trying to work off all of his holiday treats!
love these two!!


christmas 2011

christmas eve at the stejskal's
christmas morning at our house
christmas was on a sunday this year, so the kiddos got new church outfits. 
i really love going to church on christmas morning. 
it gives us a chance to remember our savior and what we are really celebrating.
christmas afternoon at the glodowski's 
 we enjoyed another christmas spending time with our family...it's always so busy, but it's lots of fun!


william at two

will, will-E-m, wilbur....our little man!

31 lbs
35.5 in

some of your favorites at age two:

"choo-choos" or trains. you love them. you will spend hours building tracks and racing them.

you love chocolate anything and everything!

you are obsessed with Cars! your favorite is mater and you call him "may-may".

you are SUPER independent. you insist on doing everything by yourself! all day long i hear, "i do! i do!"

you love to color, especially with your sister. and you are always so proud to show me your latest masterpiece!

you are a climber and it gets you into trouble! so far you have two ER trips. both involved climbing...demabond for the cut next to your eye and three staples in the back of the head!

you are a couch potato!! i'm pretty sure you would be happy to watch tv ALL DAY LONG!!

you love to snuggle and give kisses...and i love it! even when it includes a little tongue ;)

you are just like your daddy and love to build with wegos (legos)! it is so fun to watch the two of you creating together!

you have amazing hand gestures! pretty sure if your life ever depends on a game of charades, you'll be fine!

your big sister is teaching you the alphabet and all of the sounds. you love playing school with her and she loves being the teacher! 

you love music! any kind, any where! shaking you booty is one of your favorite things to do!

you still love to sleep...and mommy loves you for it!

you are such a happy and easy going guy! we love your laid-back personality...it is so needed in our home!

your cheesy smile lights up the room and we can't help but laugh with you!

we love you will!